My Latest

That blog up there now, I must tell you about it.

First, I’m sorry, I’ve kept writing, I published way too soon, if you saw it before sometime yesterday, it was awful. I have big plans to leave it alone now, after Friday evening here in Tijuana time, Aug. 28th., 2020. I’m happy with it, like sort of satisfied, I think maybe I finally got the whole idea out. I’m feeling different than usual after finishing something, I’ve sort of stopped the always writing in my mind thing, it’s gone a bit quiet. For once.

Second, it’s terribly long, this is not a blog but a tiny, rather dense little book, I’m at almost 29,000 words, 55 pages of it, a two hour read, I think.

Does anyone want a chapter release, one or two every Sunday for a while instead?

Anyway, I’m done messing with it, unless I get crazy and take it down and try to sell it instead. Cheers, all.



Aug. 28th.,  2020

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