Never Forgetting

Proposition: the “good” people assume good things will come, good things will happen, that people try to be good, that of course good is the direction we are going, because of course no-one wants to be bad, and the good people are simply wrong, that what we do doesn’t take us in the “good” direction at all.

“Always remember,” and “never forget” – these are predicated on this reversal – and look who remembers, look who won’t forget.

We say “always remember,” on this idea, that if we “remember,” we won’t do it again, because of course no-one wanted to do that, we want to be good! Right? We say “always remember,” ostensibly to stop the next iteration of the death wish – and then we beat our children, to make sure they’re good, make sure they “always remember” about violence.

All the same things are in place, all the competition and inequality is all still there, people are still motivated as they have ever been – why would “never forgetting” all the eternal inherent conflicts of human life change anything – again, it only does if we are making moral progress. It only makes any sense if the holocaust and all pogroms and wars were accidents that happened because people simply “didn’t know better then,” or just what, forgot how to live in peace, if it was a memory problem or a learning problem in the first place?

If it were a passive accident of forgetting to start with.

What a fully blind, idiot child’s idea that is. Come on. Sorry, God, I forgot not to mass murder, like Steve Martin, I forgot mass murder was a crime? But I’ll remember this time! Never forget!

There’s supposed to be a learning that you don’t forget, isn’t there? Did we find a solution last time, did we learn, and that’s what we’re never to forget? Remind me – what was it again? Don’t follow the thug who will kill your family if you don’t? Did we learn that one? WTF. I see swastikas, I see Hitler’s cursed haircut – it worked. They remembered.

Humanity talks shit.

Your peace talk is shit. Your war talk is science, takes math to hit a target – and your peace talk is blind fucking fantasyland, you are not even trying. At all. You put peace in a box labelled “fantasy,” and then say “always remember.” Then you ritually beat your children, tell them it’s “good,” and lie to one another about “remembering” not to do that again.

When did folks start talking about not beating kids? I suppose there were always a few, the Quakers, they say, like that, but I suppose it’s been at least my whole life, at least one human lifetime, maybe two since psychology started tiptoeing around that. And it’s the same, just talk. I’m an oddball, on some spectrum, I suppose, my life is an endless series of misunderstandings because I take things literally and seriously and I seriously tried to not use force on my kids. No-one understood, and the ex simply forced them behind my back, nothing worked out – but the ex and everybody else, they “always remember” their own abuse. And it helps their kids not at all, they “remember,” and they repeat. Is that what you mean to do about the holocaust?

Look at these millions of deaths. Now – never forget!

Just the trauma. No lesson. No answer to the problem. Look and remember. And again, they fucking did, because humanity is not automatically naturally good. It’s not that we’re automatically naturally bad either, this false binary that we all accept is bullshit. What looks “natural” about us to you? We are unnaturally bad. That is the lesson, the only lesson, the opposite of humanity’s denial and blindness.

I swear to God – forget, already.

Stop “remembering” and bloody well learn something new, for God and humanity’s sake. “Something new” – again, more than one human lifetime ago, psychology noticed that abuse damages people, like before Hitler was born, maybe. Learn that, and then always remember and never forget that, then maybe we’ll see an end to it.


July 19th., 2021