Not Ironic: Trump Really is a Victim


Come on, folks. Trump needs help, clearly.

He’s terrifying and powerful, so he’s fair game, of course, he must be stopped. But besides all that, he’s also the one of the most obvious, most damaged victims of the worst sorts of abuse we all have to face every day.

Do we think his disorders are caused by privilege?

Do we think money makes you a narcissist, a sociopath, a compulsive liar – a moron?

Again, he’s terrifying, like the perfect storm, a seemingly genetically engineered dictator – but how is the homeless guy who screams all day “mentally ill” and Trump, with his sociopathy, brutality, predator mentality, and all, somehow not?

Alice Miller, God bless her, told us all about it.

You know the world is full of victims of all sorts of abuse, and most of them aren’t as dangerously damaged as Trump. You know what the world is short on? People who are treated with any sort of humanity at all and turn out like Trump. Miller told us that when we allow the worst of these victims to come to power, what happens. She laid it out for us, with Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, and Hitler, that they were all destroyed, abused children and came to power because of and using their unique skills as empathy-free monsters.

Donald needs a lifelong Clonazapam hug in a very soft room. I get it, Don. Your father fucked you senseless. I mean, maybe it was something else, but that’s the obvious first guess when we see you and know that rape is somehow not even a question for you. You can have the recognition for your own rape, for your abuse, you can have the sympathy, the understanding, all of that, just know that ‘senseless’ is a disqualification for the job you’re hoping to get, or hoping to just take perhaps, in your case.

Was it a New York law that we heard in the movies when we were kids – three signatures and you can be committed to a mental facility? If the cops won’t stop him, maybe the nice folks at Bellevue can help.

I know I’ve rambled, I’ve distracted you from my own point.

Trump’s sort of personality is not what happens if no-one disciplines you, it’s abuse that creates these half-humans, make no mistake. It’s not what money does to you: money comes to the psycho that takes it by any means at all. Wake up, grow up, this train wreck was a human being once probably, but has obviously – obviously, come on! – been destroyed by force and is a danger to himself and everyone else.

If we cared at all, if we wanted to show him what humans do, we wouldn’t vote for him. The dude needs an intervention, not an army.


Oct. 20th., 2016