Nothing is Real

Nothing is Real


True forgiveness is possible and really exists, sure. More common, however, is the form of it only, and repression, resentment, and generally no adjustment to any power differential. In stark terms, forgiveness is simply the mechanism by which we prosecute the other and not our own people. Full disclosure, I can’t even express the ideal form of forgiveness anymore; that opening sentence may be a lie, coming from me. I may have successfully unlearned it.

The point is the “good” sort is at least rare. It’s the pretend version that really exists, mostly. That’s the garden variety, the kind we’re most likely to be seeing when we see it. This is an unpopular line of reasoning, and it’s my contribution to the world, nice to meet you.

I think this principle of real world things being more the opposite of their pure forms than an approximation, applies to many things, big things – I think “punishment,” and morality are mostly abuse and institutionalized immorality out here in the real world too. That should alienate everybody, in theory – so why am I so nervous to suggest it about gender reassignment?

Here goes nuthin’.

I’m uncomfortable with it.

First, shut up, everyone is uncomfortable about it, it’s all about people’s discomfort with themselves and each other. And if you are a straight up swap, clearly way closer to the other gender, sure, that sounds like a clear positive, no worries there. I am uncomfortable as a liberal, not some bigot. Do what you gotta do. I’m just auditing, double checking for the above principle, that nothing is quite right out here in the world. I’m uncomfortable with everything; of course I’m uncomfortable with it.

For reasons of the above principle, nothing is what it’s supposed to be, so mostly I suspect gender dysphoria is really just general dysphoria or any of or any number of other dysphorias, but the main thing for me, what I would artistically call my right-brain assessment, my overview, holistic, we are all victims (AST) analysis is simply that scalpels are the opposite of acceptance and tolerance, and the whole idea smells like conformism to me, one’s appearance must conform with one’s insides, like we owe it to one another that they can see who we think we are.

Have we given up moral lessons like not judging a book by its cover?

Another way to say it is that identities are simultaneously today, at least on social media, simultaneously all good and to be celebrated, forty-six genders, and also lines of division of all sorts . . . again, bird’s eye view, I cannot separate racism and xenophobia’s focus on identities from the woke generation’s focus on identities. We can’t be celebrating our identities along with the Nazis celebrating theirs. We need to rise above that. Good kind, bad kind, you say – see above. The “good” kind is virtual.

Down here on Earth, the bad kind is winning, as usual.



May 17th., 2020

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