The Environmental Documentary Angle

All is ball-busting. What’s the noun for “demeaning?” Diminishment, I suppose?

. . . all the nature TV, all the environmental documentaries that come down to “people gotta realize,” or “we need to starting thinking X,” these are the taunts of bullies – what, suddenly we’re all in control of our lives and so the world? If only “I” realize?

Show me one consensus oil well. Show me one co-op oil well, where all concerned thought there should be an oil well where none was before.

There have always been people who want to preserve the natural world. We do not all have to learn some new way to be, we are not coming from some place in the past where “everyone thought pollution etc., didn’t matter” or something, that would be revisionism, gaslighting – ball-busting. We took our orders and our crumbs, a small minority decided the environment “didn’t matter,” not everybody.

If there is a consensus everyone is responsible for, it is only allowing the existence of the alpha and the fulfillment of his evil desires. We’ve always had some balance in the population, some reason, often even consensus. But it’s never meant anything with the alpha there giving orders; it’s a most impotent consensus.

“Change your thinking” all you want, your leaders don’t give a flyer.

And nothing will change.

There is no “political Right.” “Politics” is on the Left. Democracy, collectivism, these are political “systems.” Capitalism simply means competition, and competition simply means a fight – “the Right” is nothing but anarchy, nothing but the eternal primate pyramid of violence, where nothing matters less than the rational consensus. Is it possible to suggest that in order to differentiate himself and keep his position, the alpha must force a situation that is pointedly not the consensual one? I think so, but honestly, I’m not ready with that argument today. Perhaps I give them too much credit with an idea like that.

We like to tell ourselves we’re already there, operating consciously, making at least partially informed choices between Left and Right at the polls, but no, we are simply on the edge, trying to grow up, trying to either become conscious or go back to sleep, and Left is waking up and Right is sleep, nature, and alpha rule where nothing anybody thinks means anything.



May 14th., 2020

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