Your Biological Goals

Some thing I keep losing, the thought I never get around to somehow, is this, for the warriors, for the Nazis: what I’m saying, AST, the conflicts, the wars – these are the goals, the goals of your biology, they are not a means to any end, the journey is the destination, the middle of the war is the victory this function seeks. The goal isn’t racial purity – who needs a Nazi soldier in a pure world? Then who would you kill?

The goal is the fight, eternally.

Many of us already grasp that one of Nature’s goals is not ours: maximizing your breeding. Many humans find their lives improved by getting free of that primate drive to whatever degree they can, I certainly have, and getting free of that will take some reason to exist away from the warriors of the world – but why can’t we see that’s the attitude to take with our natural urge to conflict as well? I mean, we think we do, and we do have some little success at it from time to time – but this is where I come in, where Antisocialization Theory comes in, what do we try to stop the fighting, punishments and abuse? And when that’s not working, then what, more of it?

I am objecting to this idea of morality as I acknowledge it: this is the stupid, violent behaviour we have that we have been calling morality forever. It doesn’t stop the fighting; it is the fighting.

Racial purity is the most impossible, most evolutionary uninformed concept ever voiced, the opposite of evolution, which is variation – so it’s an adaptive fiction, just keeps us in the fight. The purple ones hate the orange ones and the orange ones persecute the green ones  – the point isn’t which colour is better, even for the racists. The point of the ideology is life is a fight, we need to be fighting and killing somebody, and skin colour is such obvious and easy criteria, like God gave us team uniforms.

They want to choose their victims by race, we say “racist.”

They want to persecute LGBTQ folks, “homophobic.” (I have issues with aggression labelled as fear, seems the homophobes chose their label themselves, but it makes the list with its Newspeak name.)

I swear to God, maybe y’all don’t see it – but you are arguing about who we should persecute and kill all day long and the selection process is not the point, the point is by doing so you’re still allowing that we must kill somebody, like the haters are allowed to hate, they’re allowed to go on their rabble-rousing missions until we all decide, wait, no – save those folks. We like them.

You wanna be a wild, snarling animal like you portray your targets, fine, but don’t pretend there’s any end to justify the means – the means are the end, warrior life is a warrior’s goal. You blaming some “them” for the wars as you sneak off to your secret Nazi terrorist training camp? Biology fools us all.

You hear it all day long from the bad guys, we “don’t like,” “the bible says don’t” – and apparently for them, the rest doesn’t need to be said. Of course if you “don’t like” someone you have to kill them! This is what a core belief is, the one everyone has so you can never even know it’s there. We just argue about who gets the treatment, and honestly most of it is “my group shouldn’t get the treatment.”

No-one needs the treatment. I’ve often wondered why there isn’t a coalition of everyone not white and male among the resistance, among the complainers of the world, but as usual, AST brings answers where other theories obfuscate: we all think someone needs to be killed, so no-one is arguing against that, as such. No argument against war and genocide on principle, just who shall it be next? For instance, a lot of decent folks think that’s the solution for Nazis, I mean you can’t talk to the bastards – yes, I’m trying anyway. But seriously, even the nicest of us must hold this belief, because I don’t ever see anyone saying don’t ever kill anyone, ever, for nuthin’.

The real war is the struggle between the war and peace crowds and as long as we’re at war, the soldiers are winning against their own peaceful people. Admit it. If you’ve ever thought that far ahead, you know your war isn’t ever supposed to end. A nation built on war doesn’t retire and live in peace.



Aug. 29th., 2019

One thought on “Your Biological Goals

  1. Scarlett August 20, 2019 / 12:19 am

    I’m doing my bit for the gene pool and opting out, much as the pressure is pretty intense from places I’d not have expected, part of why I think women get paid less is even my professional work collogues don’t actually buy my not wanting to breed and expect me to get knocked up soon, being 29 and all.

    Last night I had dinner with three other blondes, and no it wasn’t by design, I’m not attracted to blondes even though I’m one, or I was until 12 where it just went muddy. The topic of what’s hot and not as sometimes happens came up on what we preferred, none of us like blonde men, in the biblical like sense. I find it looks weird, I’ve voluntarily had sex with probably a hand full of men that are pale. Same seems to ring true about the others. I dunno if its a conscious thing either, the thing that strikes me odd is generally it’s unusual to have blonde hair past puberty for most Europeans, the one exception is a woman who was from South Africa and as far back as it goes she’s got Dutch ancestors. At one point we all admitted (the other three of us) looking at her roots (hair) and thinking – wow that’s actually real.

    She says at home people just used to marry up as soon as they’d reached a certain age but that – so I she says that it wasn’t that they didn’t think the natives were attractive it was just that the breeding thing was a routine like going to school. Now there’s a large percentage that marry foreign people and locals, the idea of marrying within the group is unattractive to them. So this is interesting right?

    I’d have thought that who you pic to mate is a sensory thing, looks, how the two of you gel, its strange to see my grandmothers’ type of duty mating in living humans. To my grandmother, to the old school Dutch it’s about maintaining the race, the idea of that is pretty sick to me.

    I “did biology at uni” (ok it was only first year) me makes an assumption that you have a built in biological drive to make genetically stronger (diverse) babies. Seems I’m wrong. I used to be all about nature not nurture, but as I get older I realise I know little about actual biology and should stick to maths.

    So the point is, to me, who comes from the people who bought you Black uniforms and crimes against humanity I have no wish to mate with men who look like me, I find them kind of ikky. Dudes with a nostalgia for protecting the race, marching and shooting people who don’t have webbed feet, have you had a look at them? They don’t actually add up to the posters of healthy statuesque men, mostly they are pimply weedy looking dicks or tubby gamer-type fuckers, I suppose they think if the right rises again the type of woman they beat off to on porn hub will be legally bound to marry them.

    In short I think Nazi’s are probably around 75% incels and 25% denying they are attracted to surfer dudes who are mad about the gym.

    Hope you’re well x


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