Hate is Filthy, or These Swine are Upsetting my Sexually Repressed Self

Sexism, racism, these things are . . . physical, grossly biological.

Try a shock, here’s the ol’ glass ceiling – “Well, Pat, sounds you meet all the academic requirements. Show us your cock and we’ll start your paperwork!”

That’s what it means, right?

We all know we can trust some religious, pious ideologue to be the first one to say, “Hold on there you – what have you got in your underwear?” In any given social situation, that’s something like irony, a religious education always winds up in someone else’s pants.

But race, too. Think of the Nazis wanting to know who your grandmother exchanged fluids with. Think of how one black ancestor makes you black in the States, that’s the same question – who was your grandma fuckin’? I suppose a sexually liberated racist would ask about your grandad too.

But it’s disgusting, carnal. Talk about privacy issues. Now we can test your genes and prove whose fluids made their way into your grandma – I’m sorry, but that’s what it means, and if someone doesn’t like who your grandma was getting off with (or raped by either, I guess), then those are the sorts of images they like to exploit. The point is, that’s what the racists and sexists of the world care about, your personal junk, your fluids, and it’s disgusting, perverted, a major overstep in privacy and decency.

It’s grossing me out, is what I’m saying. Of course, that’s not the only purely physiological concern they have either. Obviously skin tone and everything else that can be a racial identifier . . . it’s all obvious, physical, no part of the world of thought and ideas. You try, as a lady, for the promotion with decades of knowledge, one of these pigs says “show us your cock.” You rise to some public prominence for some talent or good work, one of them says “he’s Jewish.” Vast, historical social arguments battle gross physiological details of your personal life over which no-one has any control. Born with a vagina? Too bad. Born from ethnic parents? Sucks to be you!

Like you’re trying to talk to a person, and in their mind they have you in fine slices on the spectrograph or some shit, checking out your genes. I’m running out of words for disgusting. It’s filthy and loathsome.

I’m not offended by religion, as such, holy books are books at least, and suggest the presence of invisible constructs like morality and justice and such . . . I’m offended by the complete cynical lack of all those good, invisible things in what they seem to obsess about, all this filthy biology they all seem to spend their time on.

So the racists, the Nazis, they’re gross on paper, in their constructs. Of course their solution is gross too, swimming in thick, red, filthy biology, with their minds forever in the gutter.



July 23rd., 2018

One thought on “Hate is Filthy, or These Swine are Upsetting my Sexually Repressed Self

  1. Scarlett July 23, 2018 / 4:49 pm

    My mate lives in a very Jewish neighbourhood, she bought the house off me, I really liked living there and its much nicer than my suburb, though for nice restaurants, cafes and bars mines better her’s is more fun. I regularly watch kids parade past with iPhone X’s wearing more expensive stuff than I have on, more make up and so on. This weekend past I stayed at Em’s place and yesterday morning I took her pug out for a walk to the cafe and these little Hard-core religious Jewish kids walked passed me with part bought, part improvised superhero outfits, stopped, patted Pugsley and chatted with me. I’m a vagina owning gentile and it disn’t seem to bother them. Racism, sexism, all of it is learnt.

    The problem is fear becomes a meme, becomes a law becomes the word of god and so the godites and the conservatives have a basis then for their hatred. The hatred stems from feelings of inferiority, which are also learnt, and people who can’t blow off the steam those feelings generate stew in them until they are fully baked arseholes. It’s not a race, gender or spiritual thing its learned. IMHO.

    Which is to say I agree, ‘cepet there is no god but Ra, the one true god etc.


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