The Islamic State Just Doesn’t Get It.

Well, it seems those damned Muslims in Iraq and Syria are misbehaving again.

And they’re getting worse!

WTF is the matter with those people? We’ve already bombed the crap out of them at least twice, and still they insist on their revelatory religion, and they’re only getting more committed to it, getting stricter and more fundamentalist. We’re having to go bomb them again, like we told them we would, like everybody knew we would if they acted up again. We’ve tried everything, haven’t we? We occupied them, some really present, hands on supervision, plus we’ve tried invisible death from the sky. If that doesn’t let them know that we will always know when they’re misbehaving and that we can always catch them and correct them, I don’t know what would!

We’ve shot them, bombed them, blown up whole families, even whole villages, yet for some reason, despite that we will kill and maim them, they continue to kill and maim each other. Where do they get this idea that it’s OK to do that? Who do they think they are?

It’s their Quran, isn’t it? It’s a manual for violence, and it teaches that life is cheap. That must be it. They are raised on the belief that violence can solve any problem that presents itself, and that belief is so pervasive and so entrenched that all of our righteous violence can’t seem to get through to them. It almost seems hopeless. It almost seems like we should just give it up. After all, we’ve tried everything.

But how can we? What they’re doing is so bad!

I guess we’ll just have to step it up.

5 thoughts on “The Islamic State Just Doesn’t Get It.

  1. Pamela Spiro Wagner November 6, 2014 / 7:37 am

    Yeah, i mean. When you can’t beat the crap out them another moment…you just send in..the terminator! Jeeze, when will they get the OUR point and shut the fuck up and BEHAVE THEIR SILLY SELVES AND do as we tell them to do…after all, we follow the HOLY BIBLE, an entirely peacable document, and when we arent doing that, well, we are just plain peaceloving folks, aint we?

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    • neighsayer November 6, 2014 / 3:25 pm

      yeah, but I’m sure if we just bomb them a little harder . . .



      • Pamela Spiro Wagner November 6, 2014 / 9:50 pm

        Well, for sure, we’d better jest nuke ’em to smithereens, then they’ll surely get OUR point, But hey, won’t their men get those 77 virgins of we do that? hell, we shouldn’t encourage it too much. never know what might happen then!..DANG, why didn’t the Taliban do a better job of shooting Malala when they had the chance? SHE must be to blame for all the violence. those uppity muslim women!


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