How Not to Spank

Here’s something rare: good advice on child-rearing.

The Gentleman Knucklehead

I understand that this is a controversial issue. I understand that my parenting circumstances, like my Knucklehead, are mine and mine alone. As in all parenting issues, take from this what you can. Discard what you can’t. This is how one dad handled discipline.

The short answer to why I never spanked: I just didn’t like the idea of it. It’s not me. My personal reasons, which I’m sure won’t be new to you no matter which side of this hot-button issue you fall on, are as follows:

  • Punishment should teach. And all spanking really teaches a child is that the bigger person gets to make the rules. Nothing about why those rules are there.
  • It doesn’t really match any crime. Maybe if your kid hit someone else, but then we’re back to the biggest person getting the final say.
  • It feels less like justice than it does revenge.
  • If…

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2 thoughts on “How Not to Spank

  1. Pamela Spiro Wagner November 6, 2014 / 6:59 am

    This was a great link. Thank you! Maybe there are more anti-punishment people out there than we know?


    • neighsayer November 6, 2014 / 7:10 am

      there are a few, and many social workers and psychologists have a clue – but what the educated folks know about it never seems to get to parents. Breeding is a very unconscious activity. It’s a fairly impenetrable sort of culture.


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