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You can reach my blog at “” or at “” – I don’t mind these, but I’m not sure . . .

Any thoughts?

I recently found Bea Marshall, and I was jealous. She’s got this “Yes Parenting” tag that seems brilliant to me, a much friendlier sort of monicker . . . here she is:

Bea Marshall

Bea Marshall


Creative Consultant // Parent // Barefoot // Speaker 

Sheffield ·

I haven’t yet determined her level of radicalness – I know I’m way “out there.”

I’m guessing Bea is much smarter than I, and isn’t the type to alienate all the parents out there by telling them they’re all wrong, like I do. I’m guessing she is doing as much good as possible, and more than I do, because she’s still within reach of the people, the parents I call “normals.”

I’m sorry, folks.

But we all have our roles, I guess . . .

Please check Bea out.

And if anyone has any help for me and my cause, I’ll entertain some suggestions . . .

Thank you all,

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