No Theory

That’s what people got.

The end is nigh, temperatures will rise, and the fascists are coming again – we can see something coming and with experience we can guess what it is, but it is coming because we have no theory to explain ourselves and therefore no theory upon which to science ourselves out of anything.

Human Nature, whaddayagonnado – this from our fucking theorists.

I am exhausted with all the verbose analyses, the names for attitudes, the recent history of what passes for “thought,” the big words . . . all the bloody detail – when you have no basic theory.

No-one is paying anybody to solve the problem, to come up with a theory – let’s turn that upside-down, antisocialization theory style, shall we? The powers that pay for research have decided to starve a theory out of existence. I do this on my own time and money, I know – I do nothing here, on my own time and money, pretty much.

The money that directs research and society is protecting the whaddayagonnado episteme. They have to believe people are crap and deserve the poverty and death they give them all day long, don’t they, so it’s Human Nature at the universities, and probably something religious or cultish at home.

And if your Nature is bad, then abuse is harmless, what is it hurting, a sinner or a chimpanzee, who cares? Who sees? Not God and not chimpanzees! And since no amount of harm matters since evil is already your Nature, any single digit percent apparently gained from the deterrents, any upside at all – abuse only threatened – is all good. This is the theory of all punishment, all the way to ABA torture, honestly, isn’t it this line of thinking that goes all the way to the death “penalty,” which surely teaches zero percent?

You got no theory and we’re helpless as the world ends because the Kochs prefer a platonic essence to science, but honestly, “Nature, essence,” – it’s pretty complex. Every horrible thing anyone ever did is “explained,” by it, the coming end is supposed to be explained by it – and there’s nothing simple or pure about it, every adjective ever applied to people is in the definition – so it’s a catch-all, if it happened to or by a human, it’s Human Nature. Circular, meaningless. But somehow it ends all conversations.

If somehow, evil wasn’t just natural, then we might feel like we had to do something about it, huh. Then a whole lotta human behaviour might have to explain itself. How many explanations have you missed? How many times have you heard, “ . . . bah, Human Nature?” How many lines of inquiry die there every day, and still we wonder at ignorance if we notice it. The best novels don’t depend on it, you feel like all was provided – but real life can settle for it! That’s not as important as writing a great novel! I know, it’s a joke. Sort of. But we don’t settle for “atomic Nature,” or even probably “chimpanzee Nature.” When we are scientists we are materialists, we want to know specifics, details; when we are talking about ourselves, it is generic language and “Natures.”

So again, this “Nature,” with absolutely everything in it – what creates that? Are we to assume some real causes in the world cause it all, love and hate, fat and thin, tall and short? It is not kind of obvious that each of these pairs of things require at least two causes and not a single Nature?

It is the ultimate in data compression loss, isn’t it? Everything is in there, but all static, whatever goes into the Human nature box doesn’t need a specific cause? People simply “are (insert adjective here),” regardless of anything in this coarse reality! Come back with the weak “dual Nature,” and I will simply break people down into more weight classes, seriously – “OK, how about TWO causes for everything under the sun?”


I’m sorry, I heard that one from a lovely man at a terrible time for them, “perhaps a dual Nature,” but they aren’t the first or the only one to suggest it.

You got no theory because clearly, someone wants it that way and has placed the indiscriminate filter of Human Nature on everything we might like to know. You got no theory because this situation obliterates all causality. By pushing all of our self knowledge through this black box and deleting the tracking data for human behaviour, we set the stage to be gaslighted about anything and everything.

“Human Nature,” the meme, the myth, the lie, not the Nature, is the root of a lot of troubles. Again, if we are to science our way out of the coming end, the firrrsssst thing you gotta do isss get ridda that bear. He’ssss gummin’ up the whole project!, of course I mean lose that “Human Nature,” business that deletes all your data. We gotta get materialist on our own asses.

And dash it all, that is the project.


Feb 16th., 2023

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