Blog on Life Support

It’s a bit amazing to me that it stays alive by itself, un-promoted, when I’m not writing, thank you all.

Maybe I set it up for that, hundreds of blogs tagged “human nature,” and “abuse.”

So just now, yes, I’m not very up, but also, I may have said what I need to say, I think since So Don’t Spank it’s been tying a few things up, but I may be finished. I’m back to guitar projects and such . . . really, the whole world is on hold, we’re all holding our breath waiting to see how committed America really is to this murderocracy business.

But you know what – I always wanted to take requests! Somebody, please, ask me something. Pick a point or a blog and argue with me, help me work through some of this. Tell me what I should maybe write next. In my mind I’m just getting more and more global and philosophical, less and less specific and therefore less and less helpful.

Otherwise, take care, be safe.


Nov. 14th, 2020

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