“Human nature,” well, “nature,” – these are creation concepts, the “question of a thing’s nature” only has meaning in a created, unchanging world, like if we ever knew its nature, then we have the knowledge we need, forever or something.

If there is an analogous question in an evolving world of creatures, it must be the “question of what a thing is becoming,” something like what adaptations is it making right now? Likely the goals of these adaptations appear as aspirations to the creature concerned, one might think, ideals, goals, and such. I suppose it is less so in better times, it seems it has gotten more so these days, but still always for at least modern people, the most common ideals are strength, power, and control and I’ve said before, these are the normal, expected dreams of the victims of abuse, of people who have experienced a painful lack of control over their own persons.

This is where what is most understandably expressed as the patriarchy fails in its attempts at the human sciences, one cannot miss it reading either history or philosophy, most nakedly in evolution’s dark side’s movements like evolutionary psychology – the desire for power and control is offered as a hard reality of the world, and not a contingent reality for victims of abuse of only one species of animals ever discovered.

EP is not psychological, game theory is not psychological, these things are only psycho-logical ™, only logical to the psychopathic parts of humanity. I’m saying it a lot these days, anything calling itself psychology owes it to the world to analyze these evil urges, not protect them as some default, again, some static “nature.” Psychology is the children’s endless “why?” game, but this stuff is where the answer turns to “because I said so,” or “that’s just the way it is,” “human nature,” which doesn’t exist, the created world where a thing’s “nature” exists doesn’t exist – so it is protecting exactly nothing. Nothing real, I mean.

“Why,” judging from our collective personality, from our dreams and from what our dreams appear to be, based upon our actions, is abuse, this exploration, and my thinking generally, my theory, AST predicts that if we look, we will find abuse there, causing this need.


Sept. 26th.,  2020

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