How to Save the World

AST – I haven’t stolen “Murphy’s Law of Nature,” or “proactive aggression,” or half-stolen “managed aggression” yet, AST is my brand-  is a system whereby we create aggression through social pressure, threat, control, and abuse, and disallow the free “reactive aggression” that used to put a stop to it, thereby storing our aggression for use when the group or the leader determines it should be used. It’s the creation, capture, storage, and management of aggression, proactively. Ideologies that project aggression and violence as natural and innate, like religion and EP, seek to bury this function, to protect it.

The purpose, I am not yet clear about, but the effect seems to be the recurring nightmare of conflict and war.

With this definition, we might make a dent in war, is my idea. I think it’s a thing explains the see-saw of war and détente, war’s apparent inevitability, which is there because we know we’re always busy creating the anger for it.

I don’t know what else I can say. It doesn’t matter what direction you push; pushes all go one direction. Stop pushing.



Aug. 8th., 2020

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