8 thoughts on “I made a meme!

  1. Scarlett March 24, 2020 / 7:08 pm

    Nice one, this is more the kind of thing my gen-y mind can cope with.

    Hope you are well and not as sick over how selfish people are as I am.


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    • Jeff/neighsayer March 24, 2020 / 10:04 pm

      gawd. Just thinking about how happy I’m going to be when I’m dead. mostly.


    • Jeff/neighsayer March 25, 2020 / 9:05 am

      sorry, caught me at a low moment there. I just remembered you after I’d logged out and gone to bed. I hope you’re OK and I assume you’re isolated?


      • Scarlett April 10, 2020 / 10:14 pm

        Hi – me too (sorry) I had a lot of work to do on my final project for my academic life and did manage to get quite a lot of headway. Mostly I don’t have actual classes but it’s always good to have the other professors and the extended community they float in to advise. Other than that I moved out of the share house I was in – I don’t play well with others. I’ve gone back to living with my friend in my old house, we’ve been inventing ways of fighting boredom and trying not to go out for anything other than exercise which they haven’t banned – yet.

        So the government here is still saying that we’ll be out of lock down by may but it’s pretty bloody obvious they are lying and it’s looking more like six months. But to their credit – begrudgingly – it seems to be working and for the past few days new infections have been sub-hundred. Our government science organisation the CSIRO are testing two vaccines and one in particular looks like it’s working – did I say that out loud on a public forum? Oops. Bad me. 🙂

        I noticed Canada is not doing so well, prolly want to distance yourself from that diseased mental neighbour to your south… How are you doing over there? I’m bored but healthy, more health than usual because my house mate is a gym junkie and drags me with her for exercise – they shut gyms a month or so ago I think? I prefer cigarettes to running usually but now I feel pretty good for it – annoyingly.

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        • Jeff/neighsayer April 11, 2020 / 9:41 am

          I am thanking my lucky stars, Canada got healthcare fifty years ago and out PM isn’t actively trying to kill us, just Trump actively killing us, by choking off the supply of PPE. We looked pretty civilized a week ago, but we have our morons too. I passed a golf course on my latest walking route, it was closed and empty a week ago, but open and running at least a corp tournament or something yesterday. And there is no separating our two countries, our border is the least border border on Earth, it’s all one economy, one agribusiness. I expect our flattening of the curve is looking worse all the time. I’ve stopped my biologic for psoriasis, it’s an immunosuppressant, don’t want that on board. I had a nose infection that feels like a dental/bone infection now, but do not want antibiotics, depending on the term – I don’t if I can in a year, but I do if I can’t for five years?
          I’ve been so enamoured of the barefoot running thing – but don’t try it if you can go very far! My lack of breath when I started saved me the most serious shinsplints, but I was still up against it, felt that a lot for a couple of years, had to stop a few times and worried I’d gone too far already. – point is, I can’t just run, I need something to think about, maybe a way to be different about it, it was an experiment in physiology or something. But you have plenty of brain stuff going on, just run!
          I’m trying not to watch anymore, I go to the CBC, Canadian TV for my pandemic info, but I can’t watch the news anymore and I’m trying to get away from Twitter – he owns it outright now, I hear. My whole thing was to try to help, try to affect the conversation – we’re past the point where I would want to succeed in getting anyone’s attention, all I’ll get is skinheads at my door, I’m out. I keep figuring this out, over and over: socmed is only the illusion of a voice, when one person can be a million bots. This – an account is like a gun, you get it for personal power – but they sell one to everyone, and some folks can afford millions of ’em! So the adjustment to your personal power = -99.
          Always good to hear you. Good luck out there.

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          • Scarlett May 18, 2020 / 7:27 pm

            If I ran barefoot my feet would be mangled pretty soon, when I lived in the country there was a lot of people who got around in thongs – flip-flops who had soles like hoofs I’ll bleed to death if I ran less than a K without shoes I think. Though my favourite sport at the moment is hissing at old people not keeping their distance.

            Good luck to you too x

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            • Jeff/neighsayer May 18, 2020 / 7:53 pm

              oh, no, there’s shoes, like gloves, just no structure to ’em, gloves with separate toes and thick bottoms.
              I’m thinking of moving inland, to the desert, not nearly as bad as yours, Kamloops, get off the coast – rent looks a few hundred better and I’m losing that much every month – plus . . . history. I want a town I’m not afraid to go outside in and meet people from my life, all of whom have abandoned me and apparently listened to my ex that I’m crazy and not to be contacted. I did my trade there, in ’83, it’s a nice town. Might be a nice change.
              One of my breakdowns happened heading into a strike in ’06 and I missed it, incurring some bad blood and I find myself among people here in this building that I worked with and I think the water is poisoned here for me, place feels unfriendly. Maybe. Starting to look into it.
              You know what I would really love, would be to pay my rent to aboriginal people, not feed the colonizers, if I can find a development in the desert that I can afford and who would want me.

              Just coming out of lockdown, I had a fever and a cramp, but been two weeks since symptoms now and it never went to the lungs, so wasn’t it.

              Take care, M!



              • Scarlett June 11, 2020 / 4:04 pm

                Yeah I’d probably do that, if you feel uncomfortable you should move. I live not 5 clicks from where I grew up and strangely I’ve only ever caught the eye of a cousin, we locked eyes she looked away we kept walking. This despite the fact I stalked my mum and my old home for over almost 15 years, those places have a type of black hole-ness to them.

                To move on you need to break orbit, the thing will eat you and until that point it will be the entire focus of your existence. Life is about living and forward movement – even if that movement has no destination and no goal as in my case a kind of side paddle in the current lead me to where I am. Which is well, as in healthy mentally.

                People I have observed in my thickly bracketed life are engines of self damnation, via idealism, obsession, oppression and lack of opportunity as well as the exact opposite. I’ve recently watched two women have a melt down – one – I have no kids I have no meaning, the second I have kids but I have no meaning – she felt she had vanished as a person when her kids arrived.

                I just want to find somewhere on the coast where I can spend as much time in the water and away from humans as possible. It fulfils my fantasy of travel to another world, and my want to be a non-participating observer in the mess of what humanity is.


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