Psych 101 Or Beyond Evolution VS Creation, Continued, Continued


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Carrying on and onwards some more, when I say, “teach the human tendency to group conflict,” what I mean to say is – not that way! Teach about it, I mean, not how to do it for God’s sake! Group conflict is “Psych 101,” as we say right? Except literally, it is – first year college, or university – meaning one, it costs money, and two, we finally get to hear about it at the exact age when so many have joined the fight, some fight or other, instead.

It’s a secret for the rich, those who can afford to go to school and can afford to send others into their fights, our tendency towards group conflict.

If the good folks are in on it, if the nice Lefties and hippies and your mom seem to be withholding the dark truth about this tendency, well, I can’t defend them. In my premise, warrior society assimilates all and no-one isn’t somehow contributing whether they know it or like it or not. I have been writing for several years now about how dear old Ma and Pa are contributing with both their well intentioned “structure” and their outright abuse and I’ve mentioned how much abuse is contracted out to unrelated people away from home at school, both in the conformist children’s group and with the genetically disinterested adults in charge, and of course, it’s Ma and Pa signing these contracts. Most of them haven’t been to college, many will live their lives on the other side of this line, knowing about the conflicts, or simply fighting in them. But I must lay this also upon the “good” folks.

You’re either a flat-out warrior who tells your kids, “life is struggle, make no mistake,” and prepares him for battle – or you’re one of the “good” ones who teaches your children age-appropriate stuff and tries not to traumatize them with war stories. I was closer to being one of the latter, obviously – but the warriors of the world have a plan for us nice folks. They know we have been lying to our kids, hiding the dark, nasty world of conflict from them (I know, I was trying to make a better world, I wanted my kids to be able to visualize and so create a better world, I know, we’re trying to be good) – and just on the edge of adulthood, just at the height of a human male’s potential for negative energy and actions, they give him the “secret” everyone else has been hiding. And guess what?

Knowledge is power. You think you’ve spent eighteen years insulating against such a thing, building something different, but . . . biology says no, to borrow from Little Britain, warrior lifestyle wins again. We’ve compromised them from Day One, insuring they lack information that large, armed and dangerous groups of men have and use against everyone. We see the parents of the white warrior shooter kids on the TV, confused and in denial . . . some probably really are confused. After all, everything they did, they did to make the kids “good.”

This is why free education is so important, and why where fascism reigns overtly or covertly, Psych 101 is not offered in grade school, again, not until after so many have passed their best learning years and been recruited to some battle.

OK, that’s what I was getting at, and frankly, writing that was a punch in the gut. Sorry if reading it’s the same. Done for now.



Aug. 6th., 2019

5 thoughts on “Psych 101 Or Beyond Evolution VS Creation, Continued, Continued

  1. Scarlett August 7, 2019 / 12:42 am

    A lot of this put me off having kids, I have a lot of reasons why I don’t though, funny thing too not many people I know my age are doing the children thing. it’s about 50/50.

    We are at a point I think where we are working against evolution by actively tampering with our environment and life in general. It’s not a physical struggle as it was in the past but a mental one and people just aren’t intelligent enough ti make those kind of commitments I think.

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  2. Jeff/neighsayer August 7, 2019 / 8:04 am

    I was 31 when I got married and 34 before the first child, but I was the oldest of the parents I met while raising them. Child of the 60s and teen of the 70s, I tired very quickly of hearing the other parents talk about “old school,” and “back in the day” about the eighties. The other kids’ parents seemed like kids.
    I’m seeing it less as a matter of relative intelligence and more of an issue where social things trump rational things, so relative intelligence isn’t relevant, you can be a genius and use it for nothing but social crap or a moron who can figure out that garbage doesn’t disappear when you throw it away. That’s my deal, and why social media was a bad idea, so many social reasons not to be smart or rational

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    • Scarlett August 7, 2019 / 3:41 pm

      I’m hoping its getting near end of life, it used to be a young people thing, now it’s mostly angry grand parents, and political parties.

      Hope you are doing well x

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        • Scarlett August 7, 2019 / 4:16 pm

          Not enjoying winter but I’ll be back in the outback come spring. I don’t like being housebound but its too miserable to go out so it’s home – uni – home – uni. Though I went to visit some friends in the country a few days ago and had to use the ice scraper that came with the car, at least it never gets that cold here. Otherwise I’m good.


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