Motivating the Great Unwashed

IF the racist bell curve were a real thing, then what it would mean is this: that 49% of white people are below average and 51% of black people are below average. I don’t buy it, just IF.

Anyone trying to base any sort of policy and budgeting that discriminates by race is prioritizing the inferior 49% of whites over all blacks, defying their own logic immediately, Charles Murray distributing public resources to these inferior whites and depriving the superior blacks, because “superior/inferior,” wasting our tax money in exactly the way he’s arguing that we shouldn’t be. Considering the demographic proportions in America, he’s wasting almost six times the resources, trying to educate the bottom half of the larger white population!

So we know Charles is in that group, he’s just trying to elevate himself, because if things were a meritocracy, that sort of logic would keep you out of the good schools. Of course, that’s whose interests are to prioritize their group, their “people,” the inferior ones want to enjoy the benefits the superior ones have acquired. “Racists are stupid” isn’t just anecdotal, because of course the less intelligent members of the dominant race are motivated to be all in on race, on their group’s dominance. That’s just science.

A fine place to drop the microphone, but it raises the question – is there something the modern liberal society does to counter that motivation, something we do to motivate the whites in the other direction? I mean, we try to talk and teach, but do we do anything to actually motivate them in the other direction? It’s a new thought, but I must say, nothing is coming to mind!

And what might that be? Now we have to start to examine whether an actual meritocracy isn’t also inherently cruel, that a white meritocracy is what threatens the less gifted and drives them to their group attachments, race attachments . . . it’s always the false dichotomy, the false choice, isn’t it? Somebody has to get the shitty end of the stick. Do you want it to be your kids?

I don’t buy that either, nobody has to get the shitty end of the stick.

Fuck that guy and his shitty stick. I’m sorry, that’s where it all goes for me, all of our problems are the same one problem.




May 24th., 2019

2 thoughts on “Motivating the Great Unwashed

  1. Jeff/neighsayer September 17, 2019 / 11:20 am

    I read this once in a while, pondering this question, and today something popped up, maybe – the group needs the be broken up, doesn’t it? When your problem is a large group of humans, the job is to find dissent, sew dissent, give them a reason to love each other a little less, trust each other less. So an information campaign? No, that’s what we try to do now, and it’s powerless against what this blog describes, that’s where we started this talk. Ha – I’m finding folks seem to prefer DISinformation campaigns, maybe one of those, fight fire with fire?
    Funny, I guess, but probably as weak as the other kind.
    A biological weapon, a retrovirus that kills you if you have too many white ancestors?
    Also amusing, but it doesn’t help the Uighurs or the Tamils, or the the the . . . and of course “white” isn’t a gene.
    Of course the answer was the law, that’s the traditional human answer for these sorts of things, and people adapt or go underground, but laws serve the group’s biology, we’re back where we began, fighting nature and actual, negative nurture with some form of the fictional, positive nurturing, basically begging for mercy. Less basic majorities get fooled all the time, potheads, for instance have probably been a majority for decades now, but they put up with a law that’s against them, somehow we’ve been a functional minority. I think the answer is going to be a matter of numbers, of making some people realize that “everyone they know” isn’t everyone, or anywhere near a majority, that what seems obvious about their racism cannot be in the real, larger world, where their majority was an illusion.
    Something there? I mean, education, category One, above, we were trying that before. But somehow?



    • Jeff/neighsayer September 17, 2019 / 11:22 am

      something along the social vector, I guess. rationality fails.


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