The Terrible Secret: Fascism is Easy

It is just too easy, what the USA is doing, what the present demagogue administration is doing, way too easy. Everything leans their way.

Love is what struggles in this world, unfortunately. Hate is like money; once you have enough of it, it snowballs. That’s what’s going on in the world today: fascism is when prosocial sentiment loses too much ground and antisocial feelings are fed back and so amplified. It’s a runaway situation, an out of control feedback loop. It’s nearly impossible to stop, and the easiest wave to ride any politician ever had. Even a moron can do it. In fact . . . on second thought, no-one needs me to finish that sentence.

‘Pro’ means love, and ‘anti’ means hate, of course, and ‘socialization’ means our adaptation to the rules, values, hopes, fears, loves and hates of our society, meaning of the people around us. That’s the noun, the sum of our social adaptations. But it’s a verb, too.

It means the process of making those adaptations, of learning the rules, of internalizing the feelings and principles of our people. As a verb, prosocialization means learning love, safety, and support, and is correlated with those nearest to us, and is accomplished through loving touch and other senses, while antisocialization means learning about hate, fear and conflict, mostly concerning people outside the family or the group. Finishing the analogy, antisocialization is also accomplished through a form of touch, but there remains a large difference: the ones who prosocialize us to themselves with loving touch are the very same ones, nearest to us, that antisocialize us to the other, with pointedly unloving touch.

In an even simpler view, when someone touches us in a way that makes us feel good, we do and we are happy and healthy, and when someone touches us in a way that makes us feel bad, we do and we are unhappy and tending towards unhealthiness. It is the opinion of this fool that we are antisocialized by our loved ones as an inoculation against the other, that antisocial feelings and attitudes are something we have decided is necessary to keep our group safe in a world of hostile groups and limited resources. That we all have two groups to think about, the in and the out, us and them, and that one is all about competition and the other only half about love too – perhaps this explains why it’s so easy for the politicians to ride the wave when the loving quarter of our lives begins to shrink.

Antisocialization is a way to describe that shit flows downhill, or that the simplest, and perhaps the only way to unload stress is to unload it on someone else (Robert M. Sapolsky, paraphrase), and fascism is the political party for antisocialization. By pushing our society beyond the tipping point, fascists mobilize for war, because everything a fascist regime does hurts us, frightens us, and drives us mad. However passive we may be, stress us out, and we edge somewhat nearer to violence and war. Easy, so horrifyingly easy to do, and why the least educated among us are the most gleeful – even they can sense the inevitability of it, of the victory of violence and hate. This is what the bully knows: he can’t lose, he knows that eventually he’ll drive even the most liberal of the elites to lose his mind and join the fight – or some fight. The insight that prompted this bit of drivel was that these fascists are so well aligned with the dark side of humanity that it co-opts any bit of negativity that isn’t nailed down and so any critique of what is left of the opposition seems likely to destroy it completely. It’s one of the ways in which it seems there is nothing to be done, no way out. Fascism is a tsunami of antisocialization and even lifeboats can become hazards, dangerous projectiles when the sea goes mad.

It’s not very hopeful, but we need to understand it. I’m afraid my Antisocialization Theory predicts that indeed there is nothing for it by this point, that fascists will simply double down and fight until there aren’t enough of them left to fight, just like they did in WWII. I dearly wish we could just cut to the chase, that millions of innocents aren’t going to die before we even begin fighting these fascists, but then, I could be wrong; I sure don’t want to be the swine who starts it by trying to stop it!

But I’ll say it now, and repost this once in awhile, just to say I told you so.

I told you so.



May 1st., 2017

2 thoughts on “The Terrible Secret: Fascism is Easy

  1. Jeff/neighsayer May 2, 2017 / 4:44 pm

    Cops killing citizens? How’s that feel? Angry, frightened, wanting to fight? Polarized, less likely to try for a talking solution? All of these are antisocial feelings, the logical and expected results of threats and antisocial actions of others, and that’s how it works. If we are pushed too far and take to rock throwing, the fascists purchase tanks and legislators. If we critique the opposition, they lose ground, because when we are in fascist thermal runaway, all bad feelings and even righteous violence feeds the same fire. Not that there’s a choice. We all know what happens when fascism meets passivity, and it’s not a sudden change of heart.

    Hate, anger, violence, the fascists own these forces, these are not tools we can use, they only work for the bad guys.


  2. Jeff/neighsayer May 2, 2017 / 4:45 pm

    Fight them we must. I’m just saying, waste no energy fighting each other or ourselves, it only helps them. If we wish to defeat them, we must find a way to love all in the opposition, love Clinton, love Sanders, love Perez and Ellison. Who needs any of these people to experience anyone’s hatred? Who does hating Sanders help more, Clinton, or McConnell? Who does criticizing Clinton help more, Sanders, Perez, Ellison – or Ryan? So who is talking this acrimony? Logically – anybody except any Democrat, communist, or other liberal. This is the trolling, folks, plain and simple. There are no Truth Nazis online, don’t give me that, and don’t fall for it. Public criticism, that only comes from your enemies. No Democrat hates either Sanders or Clinton, definitively. Also definitively, attacks come from enemies, the other party or hostile foreign powers. To believe something more “nuanced” is to be a fool who believes up is down, plain and simple.


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